Why Inject What You Don’t Need?

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Now you can smooth away your wrinkles, and even prevent them before they start, with the latest uniquely purified neuromodulator scientifically designed to minimize the risk of treatment resistance & manufactured using advanced state-of-the-art technology.

The uniquely purified solution is free of the unnecessary proteins you don’t need, offering patients more options in both the treatment of established lines, and the best in preventative care! We’ll be pleased to establish a tailored treatment plan just for you, depending on your areas of concern & goals!

Be Your Own Star

It’s All in the Details…

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It’s time to dare to self care! And the best care is preventative care! While its true that some celebrities look over done, how is it that some seem to remain ageless? What’s their secret? Often they have started micro or mini treatments before lines became deeply etched. Small treatments in forehead, brow, and around eyes or above the lip make a subtle difference today, with a huge pay off as the years go by. There’s no one size fits all when making decisions at what age to start cosmetic treatments. Make choices that are right for you! Ask Dr. Weinberg and Dr. Schiffer for our uniquely purified neuromodulator treatment to smooth away your fine lines and feel like a star!


Xeomin before after

Notice the happier, more refreshed appearance of this patient after just one treatment? Frown lines make us look grouchy, and untreated will get deeper over time as our muscles repeatedly fold our skin (so called “Dynamic Lines”) so that eventually, even with treatment, lines will be  present even when we don’t frown. This young woman started treatment early, and she barely has any visible frown lines after treatment. Repeat injection only 3-4 times a year can help her maintain a lineless more youthful look over many years.

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