What Can We Do About Under Eye Bags?

The under eye area is one that bothers many of our patients. When attempting to improve the appearance of that part of the face, it’s important to identify exactly what the problem is. Some people have dark circle under the eyes, whereas others have a “bag”. A bag is distinctly different than dark circles. Most often , dark circles are caused by a hollow underneath the eye. The dark appearance is caused by the shadow of the hollow, and sometimes also because the skin under the eye is in fact more pigmented. The area may also look dark because the skin is thin and bluish veins, which have a dark appearance, can be partially seen through the skin.

An under-eye bag is to some degree the opposite, in that rather than a hollow a bag is an out –pouching of fat.

These two problems can often co-exist. So, many patients have a small pouch of fat, under which is a sharply demarcated hollow.

Hollows under the eyes can often be very well addressed with filler. Well placed filler in the hollow, referred to as the “ tear trough”, can make a very great improvement to the appearance of the under eye area, and can often give one’s face a much less tired look. As this is a very delicate area, with many blood vessels, and as it is near the eye, only a highly trained injector with lots of experience should inject this area. When Dr. Weinberg treats this region, he uses only very thin filler products, injects with a cannula, and uses only small amounts with under correction to minimize complications.

An under eye bag, if large, can really only be well addressed surgically. However, in people in whom both a bag and a hollow co-exist, when the bag is not too large, filler can again be used. In these cases filler is often place in both the under-eye hollow as well as in the cheek, thereby concealing the presence of under eye fat. This is a very technically challenging method if injection, and again should only be done by someone with enormous experience.

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