Dr. Michael Weinberg shares a consideration his patients make when thinking about breast implants

Some people are going to extreme lengths to achieve the appearance of large breasts without implants. If you’re considering breast augmentation, I suggest you join them!

I’ll explain why in a moment. But first, a little background:

Women have been using padded bras, gel inserts, and other tricks to enhance their breasts for decades. These secrets were shared between close friends or sometimes kept under wraps. But today, as the popularity of how-to YouTube videos increases, everyone has access to the best-kept secrets.

Toronto’s Stacey Brennen is one vlogger in particular who is at the center of the alternative breast enhancement trend. Brennen gained a loyal following for her fresh and honest take on beauty. Her video library includes a tell-all video centered on her BOTOX COSMETIC® treatment at my cosmetic surgery and laser clinic.

More than 11 million people have watched Brennen’s breast enhancement how-to video. In the clip, she openly shares her disappointment over the decrease in breast size she experienced after losing weight, a concern I commonly hear from my patients interested in breast implants in both Mississauga and Toronto.

Brennen uses a large push-up bra, socks, and clever makeup application to gain a significantly larger-appearing chest. She emphasizes that this isn’t by any means her daily routine, but instead one that allows her to feel more confident on an occasional night out on the town.

While undoubtedly impractical and probably uncomfortable, Brennan’s non-surgical enhancement might be worth a try if you’ve ever thought about breast augmentation surgery. While real breast augmentation results obviously look and feel much more natural, you’ll still get an initial taste of the confidence that can be achieved.

The very best way to truly visualize what you would look like with breast implants is to try VECTRA® 3-D imaging. We use this state-of-the-art technology to show patients high-resolution photos of their possible results. No padding or socks required!

If you’re interested in learning more about VECTRA and breast augmentation in Toronto, please call my office at (905) 273-3045 or contact us online.

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