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Dr. Michael J. Weinberg, a renowned breast augmentation surgeon, with offices in Mississauga and Toronto, has recently renovated his Web site to highlight the surgical and non-surgical procedures he offers and display an easy-to-use site navigation.

Mississauga, Ontario (November 2011) – Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael J. Weinberg of Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery has recently renovated his Web site into a more informative resource with a sleek and elegant design. For patients seeking information about procedures ranging from breast implants near Toronto and Mississauga to tummy tuck to facelift, Dr. Weinberg’s new site provides details and useful facts.

The Web site was renovated to create an enhanced layout and design in addition to optimized content and a photo gallery. “The photo gallery was important because I wanted to share my previous work with patients,” says Dr. Weinberg, “I find it’s incredibly helpful for patients to gauge their expectations and goals against the results of previous patients. Seeing my work also increases a patient’s confidence.”

As a renowned and well-respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Weinberg offers a wide range of procedures for the face, body, and breast. For each procedure, Dr. Weinberg wanted detailed information, such as recovery information, available to patients online. Among the procedures he offers, one of the most popular is breast augmentation for Mississauga and Toronto women.

“Breast augmentation is popular because it offers so many benefits,” says Dr. Weinberg. “Many women want a breast augmentation in the Toronto area to restore lost volume to their breasts after pregnancy or enhance the size of their breasts. Most women are very satisfied with the results and feel that breast augmentation has greatly improved their self-confidence.”

With the recently updated site, Dr. Weinberg hopes to attract new patients and facilitate communications with his current patients. With an easy-to-use navigation and user-friendly contact form, interested visitors can get the information they need and request a consultation online.

“My goal was to make the process of undergoing plastic surgery as simple and as enjoyable as possible,” says Dr. Weinberg, “It’s not just about the results—for me it’s about making the patient feel confident and happy with their experience, from finding out about us to their recovery. Nothing is more valuable as seeing a patient be truly satisfied with their results after they’ve invested their time, money, and emotions into the decision.”

To learn more about the procedures Dr. Weinberg offers, call our office at  (905) 273-3045 (Mississauga) or  (416) 207-9090 (Toronto) or request an appointment online. Dr. Weinberg looks forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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