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“How does one decide which kind of breast implants are best  when considering Breast Augmentation?”. This is a question Dr. Weinberg of Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic and The Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic is frequently asked.  

The answer to that question is a bit complicated. The choice of implant is intimately related to the choice of surgical technique. Generally speaking, breast implants placed above the chest wall muscle tend to have a more natural look and feel. Placing the implant above the muscle is also a less major surgery with an easier and more comfortable recovery. For women with hanging breasts  (breast ptosis) , placing an implant above the muscle can also give the impression of lifting the nipple. A Gel Cohesive implant should probably be the first choice If one is going to place an implant above the muscle, as it is more likely to give a natural appearance as it is less likely to wrinkle. Gel Cohesive implants also have other advantages. The consistency of silicone gel is more similar to the texture of human fat so they feel more natural, and one can choose the shape of the implant, for eg. tear drop , as opposed to saline implants which mostly give a round appearance once implanted.

Despite all this, there is still a significant role for saline implants. For most small breasted, thin women, despite the desirability of above the muscle placement, it may not be possible to go above the muscle as there may not be enough skin and soft tissue to cover the implant. If one must therefore go below the muscle, the advantages of Gel Cohesives becomes less critical. Wrinkling and texture become less of an issue, and saline implants are more affordable. Furthermore, saline implants can be placed with a smaller incision. Finally, leakage of a saline implant is obvious as it causes deflation, while leakage of a Gel Cohesive implant can be hard to detect and may even require MRI scanning.

The good news is, with so many great choices available in type of implant, surgical technique, as well as incision type, breast augmentation surgery can be customized to meet the goals and budget of each patient. The best way to determine what type of implant would best suit your needs is to come in for an in depth consultation with Dr. Weinberg.

To view a video detailing the personal journey of 2 sisters that underwent breast implant surgery with Dr. Weinberg click here.

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