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Women who undergo breast augmentation with Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Weinberg are finding that recovery isn’t a drawback of the popular procedure.

Toronto, Ontario (December 2014) — Dr. Michael J. Weinberg (www.mississaugacosmeticsurgeryclinic.com), a breast augmentation specialist in Toronto, recently told Canada’s leading cosmetic enhancement magazine that recovery is more comfortable than many patients anticipate.

“People think that recovery will be horrific, but it’s really not,” Dr. Weinberg told Elevate magazine in its September/October edition. “We have patients going out on the night of surgery and most are back to work in a week.”

The magazine spoke to Dr. Weinberg as part of an article featuring one of his patients. When she decided to get breast implants, she chose the Toronto-area plastic surgeon on the advice of her sister.

Dr. Weinberg, a Royal College-certified surgeon, says women typically research breast augmentation for months, even years, before scheduling a consultation. They often have a preconception that recovery will be difficult and painful, he says, but after doing their research they realize that’s not the case and that the minimal discomfort typically experienced is no reason not to pursue their cosmetic goals.

“Patients who are just beginning to consider getting breast implants often expect that they will be bed-ridden and in extreme pain for a week or more,” Dr. Weinberg says. “In fact, I encourage breast augmentation patients to move around on the day of the surgery to help their circulation.”

Breast augmentation patients, according to the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, often “return to work within just a few days or a week.”

Dr. Weinberg says one of the primary factors affecting a patient’s recovery is whether the implants are placed above or behind the pectoral muscles. To create a pocket behind the muscle, surgeons make an incision in the muscle. That contributes to slightly more discomfort for those patients than for women whose implants sit above the muscle.

“But most patients still manage the discomfort just fine with pain relief medication,” says the plastic surgeon, who has offices in Toronto and Mississauga. “Usually within 48 hours, much of the bruising and swelling is beginning to diminish. Patients who schedule their breast augmentation on a Thursday often return to work the following Monday.”

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