Brampton plastic surgeon shares the difference between an arm lift and liposuction.

Many people are frustrated by loose skin and fat on their upper arms that seem immune to weight training and pushups. For patients who have lost a lot of weight, no amount of exercise will eliminate the excess skin that disguises toned muscle. The question then becomes which cosmetic procedure will get the best results, an arm lift or arm liposuction.

At my Toronto and Mississauga cosmetic surgery clinics, that determination is usually made during a consultation. Good candidates for liposuction of the upper arms have excess fat that resists exercise. I assess the skin tone of patients to ensure it retains enough elasticity so that when the fat is removed the arms look toned. I use tumescent liposuction for upper arms.

Sagging upper arms that have significant excess skin that isn’t elastic are better suited for arm lift surgery. This is a very satisfying procedure for many patients, who can regain confidence in their appearance and are able to wear sleeveless clothes, often for the first time in years.

The results are dramatic and I enjoy seeing patients so happy. Patients who get upper arm lifts often also get other body contouring procedures after significant weight loss, such as a tummy tuck. The procedures can be combined or done in stages.

Getting advice from a body contouring specialist before deciding on a specific treatment path is the best way for patients to ensure they will get the results they want.

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