March 2015 Specials and Clinical Updates

Cosmetic surgery specials and updates in Toronto.

You can feel it, spring is on its way! However, we are still likely to endure a few more frigid dips in temperature and a few more snow falls before we see the tulips. For those of you still considering treatments like IPL, or a Facial Peel, don’t wait. Once the sun is hot, it’s a lot harder to prevent excessive UV exposure, which is a must after Intense Pulsed Light Therapy or peels. Do you still have questions about IPL or our new Vivier® Peel? Come in and ask us.

As always the clinic has been a hub of activity. The staff has had some recent teaching sessions from both our Obagi® and SkinMedica® Reps, and they are ready to help you choose the right skin care for you.

Two new additions to our SkinMedica offerings include the fabulous TNS Lip Plumping System®. This gorgeous two step topical pencil and gloss will give you the prettiest poutiest lips, even without any injectable lip augmentation. Pair it together with a syringe of filler and Voila- the most awesome lips ever!! Also from SkinMedica the AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser. Use it twice a week for a deep, pore clearing scrub and reveal that perfect spring complexion hiding underneath your dry tired winter skin.


We have two wonderful winter deals on offer this month. Ever look in the mirror and want it all? Plumper cheeks, smoother forehead, tighter jawline, higher brows, perkier chin, and NO MORE FROWN LINES? Treat all your problem areas in one treatment with our Total Facial Rejuvenation Package. It includes 150 units of one of our leading dynamic wrinkle injectables, and 6 and a half syringes of filler, for the best pick me up ever. Save $1500!

March Specials

Is your main concern crows feet lines? Would you like thicker, longer, darker eyelashes too? Then our Eye Rejuvenation Package, which includes injections for crows feet and Latisse® eyelash growth serum, is for you. This is our best deal on Latisse yet, as you’ll save $75!

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