December Promotions and Clinical News

It’s almost here, so bring on the Christmas cheer!  Happy Holidays to everyone. As you rush around getting all your shopping done, we’ll put in our pitch for the gift of Beauty- what says I love you more than pampering someone near and dear to you? Gorgeous Skincare, or a gift certificate for a luxurious facial , peel or other aesthetic treatment, or for any of our other treatments, is a unique way to make your someone special feel just that. AND, MCSC can make your Christmas shopping dollars go just that little bit further- Purchase an MCSC Gift Certificate this Dec for your friend or family member and get 10% OFF!

See below for our other great promotions this month!

Clinic News

Dr. Weinberg and Dr. Schiffer attended the always informative CLASS  meeting (Canadian Laser and Aesthetic Specialists Symposium) in Toronto this November, and have returned with the latest up to date news on two new and exciting offerings you can enjoy at the clinic soon. These include:

  1. Needling, which is an excellent treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, especially above the lip, and which shows equally beneficial results as fractionated laser resurfacing, but is less costly, and may have less downtime, and fewer possible side effects.
  2. Kybella, which is an exciting new product coming soon, that can dissolve fat under the chin!

Another exciting new development at the clinic is the introduction of Seamless MD, a fantastic email communication system that will insure that all our surgical patients have regular contact with us during their pre-op and post operative time. Proven to increase safety and patient education, Seamless MD is just another example of Dr. Weinberg’s commitment to excellence in surgical care.


In addition to 10% off our gift certificates, MCSC knows both you and your friends and relatives want to look fabulous for the holidays, so, we’ve extended our offer of a FREE syringe of Filler this month when you bring in a new friend or family member for injectable treatment! That’s a value of $550 FREE! Make sure your party face is as pretty as can be, AND do your special friend or family member a favor, and share your best kept secret my introducing them to MCSC.

Also on for December, our giant IPL sale! Get three Intense Pulsed Light Therapy treatments for the price of one!– see the add at the end of this newsletter for details. IPL is great for evening out skin tone, eliminating brown discoloration of sun spots and Melasma, and also treating fine lines, and small broken blood vessels. It gives you that even glow so often seen with tanning, but unlike exposure to UV radiation IPL is beneficial to your skin. Look a little sun kissed even if you’re not travelling south, and come in for an IPL consultation today.

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