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Hello and Happy autumn. We sincerely hope you are all coping with these difficult COVID times. We want to reassure all our patients that we are doing our utmost to offer the best in cosmetic medical services safely and conveniently during these unprecedented circumstances. A leader in best practices, Dr. Weinberg has gone above and beyond to insure that all our aesthetic services are carried out with all facilities thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between patients. We’ve installed new powerful air circulation equipment complete with Hepa filters, to make sure that the air quality at MCSC is second to none. We are scheduling patients with social distancing in mind, so you need not worry about contact with others, and we are requiring masking of both staff and patients to minimize risk. If you have any questions about any of our safety measures, do not hesitate to speak to our staff for more information.

Despite the challenges these times have posed, our medical professionals have, as always, been busy. Dr. Schiffer has attended numerous professional round table discussions, advisory boards, and exclusive invitation only lectures on migraine aimed at the most experienced migraine neurologists in Canada. If you want information on any of the new and exciting treatments recently approved in Canada for migraine, contact us at 905-273-3045 to find out how to book a consultation.

Dr. Weinberg has been busy getting a new skin cancer clinic up and running in downtown Toronto. The Carlton skin clinic will officially open it’s doors in October, providing another location where complex skin cancer treatments can be offered. For more information, ask our staff at 905-273-3045.

We’re also excited to report that we are back in stock on most of our skincare products, including many Obagi products that have been unavailable in Canada for a while, including the Clenziderm acne line!! We are also delighted to introduce some new Obagi facial serums, including the Elastiderm Facial serum, ideal for firming, clinically proven to increase elastin production- great for crepiness in the neck area!!

After being off during the COVID crisis, our medical aesthetician Suzanne is back at work, and offering safe customized skin treatments. We are pleased to offer a special this month on our fabulous peels. A great way to undo some of the skin damage from the hot and humid summer weather, and get your skin ready to shine this season, we offer wide variety of peels. See below for more information on the benefits of peels, and view our promo at the end of this newsletter for awesome autumn savings!

Topics in Cosmetic Medicine

 FAQs of Chemical Peels Answered

1.What Are the benefits of Chemical Peels?

Peels can smooth out the tone and texture of skin, deeply exfoliating to get rid of some of the outer dead layer of skin to reveal a fresher more youthful complexion beneath. Some of the specific concerns peels can correct include:

  • Pore size- pores often appear smaller after a peel
  • Pigment- unsightly, uneven pigment and dark spots, including melasma, can be improved with peels
  • Acne- specific peels, such as salicylic acid, can reduce acne break outs and help heal inflamed skin
  • Scarring- peels can recue the appearance of many types of scars, including pitting from acne
  • Fine lines- peels can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When is a good time to get a Peel?

Peels can often give the skin a great “ pick me up” before a big event. Change of season is also a great time for a peel, as seasonal weather conditions cause specific stresses on the skin, and peels can help correct those.

Which Type of Peel Should I get?

As many people already know there are many different types of peels. Peels are often composed of an acid or a combination of acids. These can include common peel ingredients like:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Lactic Acid
  • Trichloracetic acid ( TCA “ doctor strength” peel)

However some other custom peels may also contain unique ingredients, like Ferulic Acid, ascorbic acid, Retinoic acid, and other alpha hydroxy acids like citric or malic acid.  Each of these many compounds have specific qualities that make them ideal for addressing certain conditions. For example, salicylic acid is often beneficial for active acne sufferers, whereas glycolic acid is anti- aging. Many peels cannot be used safely in darker skin types as they can cause increased pigmentation. In contrast, the AFA peel is gentle, does not cause sun sensitivity which many peels can, and can therefore be carried out in summer months and on darker skins.  New Carbon based peels, Like the V Carbon Peel, contain ingredients designed specifically to leach impurities from the skin. The V Carbon Peel, is also sometimes called the “ Hollywood” peel as many celebrities use it just before their red carpet appearances to give their skin a plumper, smoother glow. It’s a great new addition to the peel options, as there is little to no down time, and it is said to promote collagen deposition, for a firmer more toned skin with repeat treatments.

The best way to pick a peel is to consult with a medical professional. Our medical aesthetician will conduct a thorough skin assessment and be able to advise you which type or types of peels will give you the best results. See our peel promotion below, and contact us at 905-273-3045 to set up your peel consultation?

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