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When searching for plastic surgeons in Toronto or Mississauga, it's important to consider their credentials. Being certified by a reputable board, active in applicable associations, and a resource on related websites are all indications a plastic surgeon is qualified and conscientious. This page provides information and links for a number of resources related to Dr. Weinberg's practice.

Dr. Weinberg looks forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. To get started, request an appointmentrequest an appointment online or call our office at 905-273-3045 (Mississauga) or 416-207-9090 (Toronto).

Boards & Societies

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC)

Dr. Weinberg is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, under the specialty of plastic surgery. This is an organization of medical specialists dedicated to ensuring the highest standards and quality of healthcare for Canadians.

Ontario Medical Association (OMA)

Dr. Weinberg is a member of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). Founded in 1880, the OMA advocates for the political, clinical, and economic interests of physicians in Ontario.

Canadian Medical Association (CMA)

Dr. Weinberg is a member of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). The mission of the CMA is to help physicians care for patients. This voluntary association of Canadian physicians advocates on behalf of its members and the public for access to high-quality healthcare. The CMA also provides leadership and guidance to physicians. The CMA has more than 80,000 members and actively lobbies on behalf of both members and their patients on Parliament Hill, during federal elections, and in the media.

Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS)

Dr. Weinberg is a member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS). Each member is a well-trained, qualified specialist who has passed the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons examinations and is certified to practice plastic surgery. This organization makes it a priority to educate both its members and the general public. Annual scientific meetings are held to share knowledge and expertise in order to improve the quality of patient care and advance the practice of plastic surgery.

Canadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CSAPS)

Dr. Weinberg is a member of the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CSAPS). The CSAPS is the only recognized professional body of plastic surgeons in Canada who specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery. The members are plastic surgeons certified in the specialty of plastic surgery by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Only surgeons who meet specified professional and ethical standards are offered membership with CSAPS.

The Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society (CLASS)

Dr. Weinberg is a member of The Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to excellence in cosmetic surgery and laser therapies. The group includes member physicians from a range of specialties, including dermatology, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and neurology, with the aim of information sharing to benefit all members and patients alike. Membership requirements include meeting quality standards and undergoing specialized training, as well as regular maintenance of certification.

Profiles & Contributions


Dr. Weinberg is a contributor to This website offers a forum for people considering aesthetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, to ask doctors questions and share their experiences.

Smart Plastic Surgery

Dr. Weinberg has a profile on, which is a resource for people who are doing research on cosmetic procedures. Information provided includes choosing a plastic surgery procedure, procedure pricing, and possible complications.

Breast Implants 4 You
and Smart Breast Augmentation

Dr. Weinberg has profiles on these websites, which are dedicated to educating people about breast augmentation and breast implants.

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The Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic:
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