March 2011 Newsletter

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The end of winter is finally in sight! Although we still have a few more weeks of snow, wind and ice to put up with, it won't be long before the tulips arrive. While planning your spring cleaning, don't forget your face. Now is the time to plan ahead for some deep exfoliation. To get rid of whats left of the dry winter skin, and reveal a fresher smoother complexion, ask our aesthetician about facial peels and microdermabrasion packages. And, as always, don't forget your sunscreen now that warmer weather is on the horizon.

This past month Dr. Weinberg and Dr. Schiffer were proud to attend the exclusive by invitation only conference "Cosmetic Update", and have returned with all of the latest scoop on injection techniques, Liposonix results and news and surgical updates. One recurring theme at the meeting was the importance of good skin care in augmenting injectable and surgical results. All the leading experts agree on the benefits of adjunctive at home treatment with products containing active ingredients like Retin A, Vitamin C, Idabenone, hydroquinone, to name a few, in enhancing and prolonging the benefits of in clinic cosmetic treatments.

Upcoming Clinic Events

We're planning another educational event for those interested in getting the low down on what's new in the world of wrinkle injections and non-invasive body contouring. So, keep your eye out for an invitation to our "Fashion, Facial Rejuvenation and Body Contouring" evening, which we are planning for the end of the month. Dr. Weinberg will be speaking, there will be food and drinks, and draws and give away goody bags for all those who RSVP, containing valuable discount coupons. AND we'll be featuring a high end fashion store from the area who will have their wares on display and treat us to some fashion advice on what's hot for this coming spring.

Back by popular demand, the makeup artist from Glomineral Cosmetics will be returning to the clinic March 24, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, offering free makeovers throughout the day. Have a special event that night? Drop in or book a service that Thursday and take advantage of her expertise!

Topics in Cosmetic Medicine

Lip Augmentation

Lips have been a subject of cosmetic enhancement ever since Nefertiti's time. The ancient's used a variety of natural pigments to redden their lips, and in modern times we've expanded lip enhancement with a range of hues and products to soften, moisturize and enlarge them. Angelina Joli has single handedly done more to draw our attention to lips than any other individual, and has spawned thousands of imitators. However, this has resulted in something of a backlash, as many women considering cosmetic lip enhancement specifically mention "I don't want my lips to look like Angelina Jolie!". For many, lip augmentation has come to be equated with looking "overdone" and unnatural. Indeed, the fear of looking obvious, like you've had a procedure, keeps many people from even considering having a lip augmentation, even though they really aren't happy with the lips mother nature gave them. Poor techniques, practiced at inexperienced clinics and spas have only added to the number of "bad lip jobs" out there, leading to further hesitation among many women.

However, just as loss of volume in the cheeks, under eyes, and in temple and chin are hallmark features of the aging face, so too is loss of volume in our lips. Proper rejuvenation of the face should often include some treatment of too tiny lips that have lost their definition. The good news is, with better, improved techniques of lip injection, lip enhancement need not look unnatural at all, and can in fact be very subtle, with only slight enlargement giving a much more defined border, and reduced lines above the lip, such that lipstick no longer bleeds. And, for those who are looking for substantial increase in lip size, but do not want "sausage" shaped lips, again newer techniques can insure an aesthetically pleasing, proportional look.

At MCSC we have developed our own method of lip injection that we feel gives women a natural, pleasing and long lasting result, and has the added benefit of comfort, without any extra freezing needles, and in most cases very little bruising. This involves the application of a new topical anaesthetic agent recently introduced to the clinic that has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of bruising. After waiting about ten minutes for this to take effect, the lips are injected in a very specific fashion developed by Dr. Weinberg. Either Juvederm® or Restylane can be used, though we find Juvederm® Ultra gives a very nice smooth consistency in lip augmentation. Ice is often applied during the procedure for further comfort. The lips are then often massaged for a smooth finish, with a small amount of Cicaplast, an excellent product for healing. Finally, we also recommend a small number of units of Botox be injected above the lip. This reduces "smoker's" lines, but also adds to longevity of the lip enhancement.


If you think you may be interested in Lip augmentation, book an appointment at (905) 273-3045. During the month of March take advantage of our "Luscious Lips" sale. You'll get one syringe of Juvederm, one Lip plumper by Vivite, an excellent product for moisturizing and further reducing those pesky lip creases, and one gorgeous Glogloss by Glominerals cosmetics, for that long lasting shine.

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