November 2010 Newsletter

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Greetings everyone. As always there's much happening at the clinic this month. Don't forget to catch Dr. Weinberg on the hit TV show Plastic Makes Perfect on Nov 11 at 10 PM, where he'll be demonstrating and discussing breast augmentation. Dr. Weinberg and Dr Schiffer will be heading to the Canadian Laser and Aesthetic Surgery Society meeting in Montreal Nov 14, and will be back for a by invitation only meeting Nov 15 on Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation sponsored by Medicis, the makers of Restylane and Perlane. Dr. Weinberg will be featured once again this month in Lifestyle magazine discussing antiaging and skin care.

Come out to the Toronto Women's Show this weekend where Dr. Weinberg has been invited to demonstrate injections on Sunday Nov 7 from 1:30 to 3:30 at the Restylane booth, and hear him speak on Liposonix from 3:30 to 5 at the Liposonix Booth. Our number of thrilled Liposonix patients continues to grow. While up until now our patients have travelled to our downtown Toronto office to receive treatment, our latest exciting news is we will shortly have a second machine at the Mississauga Clinic!

Topics in Cosmetic Medicine


In addition to peels and microdermabrasions, facials are an important method of revitalizing the appearance of the skin, and can help our complexion stay youthful looking. As was recently pointed out in the latest edition of the leading magazine New Beauty, there has been a trend back to facials over the last couple of years. Many aestheticians, including our own medical aesthetician Suzanne, believe facials , chemical peels and microdermabrasions are all necessary to any beauty regimen as each can achieve improvements the others can't. A combination of peels and microdermabrasions is among the best ways to deeply exfoliate the skin to get rid of a tired "muddy" appearance to the complexion and to slough off surface imperfections like pigment, surface scars and fine lines, and promote skin firming and tightness. However repeated exfoliation alone can sometimes give a "flatness" to the skin from repeatedly removing dermal layers. To add luminosity and dewiness, the skin needs moisture and nourishment, and that's where facials are ideal. During a facial, which typically takes about an hour, the skin has time to absorb the benefits of antioxidants and other antiaging and antiinflammatory compounds, and to rehydrate. Facials can be tailored to different skin types and conditions. In addition to our signature Medical Facial, which is intended for all skin types and which uses medical grade theraprutic products to cleanse, hydrate and protect the skin from aging influences, our newly introduced Oily/Acne Facial is aimed at calming inflamed skin, extracting impurities, reducing oil and sebum production, and tightening pores, and our Dry/Mature Skin Facial emphasizes hydration, reduction of itch and irritation, and smoothing texture and tone. Many people will benefit from a combination of Medical Facials alternating with one of our skin type specific facials as well as peels or microdermabrasions for optimal results.

Finally, one of the nicest advantages of a facial is that it is a soothing and relaxing break from our busy lives, a lovely treat that lets us look and feel refreshed as we return to the rest of our day!

If you're thinking of trying one of our facials for the first time, and not sure what's best for your skin, book an appointment with our aesthetician Suzanne for a free consultation. Call (905) 273-3045.

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