May 2010 Newsletter

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From all the staff at MCSC we'd like to wish everyone a belated Happy Mothers day! As always we have much news here at the clinic. Dr. Weinberg was once again invited to be interviewed live on Rogers Television! This time round he spoke on Liposonix, which you may have noticed has been getting a great deal of press. Dr. Weinberg was also interviewed for, and extensively quoted in an article in this month's Elevate magazine on the growing trend toward multiple pastic surgery procedures, and has been much applauded for expressing a very balanced view. Dr. Weinberg was recently honored to recieve an award, the Certificate of Appreciation at Trillium Health Centre for his comitment and dedication to resident teaching and for launching the Trillium-Summerville Family medicine Teaching Unit! He has also recently published a book chapter on Hyaluronic Acid Injectable Fillers, and has subsequently been invited to review another article for publication.

The staff at MCSC this month have been treated to another excellent update in cosmetic injectables by our wonderful partners at Allergan, and we are looking forward to more sessions later in June.

Cosmetic News

Latisse has just been officially approved for use in Canada! Latisse is the first perscription medication that has been clinically proven to grow eyelashes when applied topically. Ideal for anyone who has thin, short, very fair, or otherwise inadequate lashes, it has been shown to be safe and effective, occassional skin or eye irritation, and occassional eyelid or iris pigmentation being the only significant side effects reported. It should be available at the clinic some time over the summer or fall, so stay tuned!


While we have had a few days of winter like conditions, finally we appear to be in for some good weather! And with the good weather comes the skin damaging UVA and UVB radiation from the sun. Start this season with good habits, and reduce your risk of skin cancer, premature wrinkles, brown spots and other signs of photoaging by using a good sunscreen daily. And give your skin a spring clean up with the excellent exfoliating power of a Chemical Peel. Take advantage of this month's Mix and Match Spring Skin Beauty Packages, and enjoy up to 25% off!

Topics In Cosmetic Medicine

The VIPeel

New to the clinic, the VIPeel is an exciting treatment that has been featured on television shows such as Extra and on ABC, after it became a recent hit among Hollywood starlets. Chemical peels in general involve the application of acidic compounds to the skin, resulting in efffect in a mild chemical burn that causes the outer layers of the skin to peel or slough off, encouraging the skin to lay down collagen at deeper layers, and revealing a smoother, more even toned skin beneath. Peels are often ranked as superficial, medium depth and deep, depending on the depth of the skin they penetrate. The VIPeel is a medium depth peel that is unique in that in combines the benefits of several compounds, including, salacylic acid, retinoic acid, TCA and Phenol. It is useful in all skin types, from light skin to dark skin, and is designed to improve both adolescent and adult acne, large pores, fine lines, and discoloration such as freckling, uneven pigment and even melasma. This peel is not recommended as a first line in individuals who have never had a peel before, as it is considerably more powerful than superficial peels, one treatment being similar in effect to 5 glycolic acid peels. The treatment takes about 20 minutes. There is mild tingling or stinging during the procedure. The skin may look red to tanned in appearance afterward, and you may experience some tightness within the first couple of days, and pigmented spots may look darker. Between day 2 and 3 after the treatment you will begin to experience skin peeling. This varies in severity from individual to individual but can be quite marked. However, the specialized moisturizer that comes with the peel is ideal for soothing the skin and concealing any excessive peeling such that there is no significant down time, and you can carry on with normal activities. It is important to avoid sun exposure after the peel, as the skin will be photosensitive, and frequent application of sunscreen is mandatory. This peel is therefore recommended for winter, spring and fall, but is not ideal for the summer months. It is important not to rub or soak the skin after treatment, to avoid excessive premature peeling which could lead to skin abrasions, and subsequent scarring or hyperpigmentation. Peeling will be complete by about 5 days after the treatment, and by about 1 week after treatment you will see the result, a smoother, more even toned complexion, with markedly reduced blemishes and brown spots. If you would like more information aabout the VIPeel, and wonder if it is right for you, call to book a free skincare consultaion at (905) 273-3045.

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