March 2010 Newsletter

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As Always it's been a busy time at MCSC. Dr. Weinberg was interviewed for an article in Elevate Magazine, which will appear in a spring edition. Both Dr. Weinberg and Dr. Schiffer attended an invitation only evening symposium on Voluma, which was very interesting. Experience thus far with Voluma has been uniformly positive in clinics throughout North America, and it is now being used not only for cheek and chin volume, but also in nasolabial folds, temples and by some injectors even in lips! While not an approved indication, this does demonstrate that it is a very versatile filling agent, and appears to be very long lasting. On March 5th we had our first "makeover day", where we had a Glomineral Cosmetic make-up artist in the clinic doing free makeovers. It was a great success and enjoyed by all, so stay tuned as we plan to offer this perk again. And Finally, Liposonix is proving to be extremely popular! We are now gaining immense experience with this remarkable new technology as the clinic has been inundated with interest and many of our patients have recently had their treatment. With bathing suit season around the corner, if you think you might be a candidate for this entirely non invasive fat reduction treatment, don't wait, as it takes around 12 weeks to see results. Liposonix is ideal for patients who are close to their desired weight but have stubborn fat deposits in the tummy and love handle area. Average loss is about 1 inch, which translates into 1 pant or skirt size.

Coming Soon – New Eyelash Growth Treatment

This new medication has been proven to promote eyelash growth when applied topically on a daily basis. Some people have such tremendous growth they have to trim their eyelashes! It is slated to be available in Canada at select clinics by the summer. If you think you may be interested call the clinic at (905) 273-3045 and have your name added to our call back list. When the product arrives, we'll be sure to let you know.


We continue to offer La Roche Posay Lipikar cleanser, hand and foot cream and Ceralip lip balm for 15% off for the remainder of March. Great value on these excellent products to fight dry skin. We are also offering our "luscious Lips" event. Get 1 syringe Juvederm with Lidocaine, 1 gorgeous Glomineral Glogloss, and 1 Ceralip lip balm for $500! On throughout March while quantities last. Have the lips you've always wanted.

Topics In Cosmetic Medicine

What's new in Breast Augmentation?

Some of you may have read or heard about the concept of augmenting breasts with Fat Grafting. Fat Grafting is a procedure whereby a patient's own fat is harvested via a liposuction canula, and is then re-injected, or grafted, into another area. Fat grafting is a procedure Dr. Weinberg does frequently to restore lost volume in the face in individuals who want a more permanent result then fillers like Juvederm and Restylane can provide. Well, fat grafting as a method of breast augmentation was the subject of a study presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgery in the fall of 2009. In the study 50 women underwent the procedure. Of those 50, 5 required a second procedure over the 12 months following, and on average increased breast volume was about 210 ccs. 85% patient satisfaction was reported.

Despite this promising study, many plastic surgeons remain skeptical about fat grafting as a viable alternative to breast implants for breast augmentation. First of all, as Dr. Weinberg points out, it is the rare patient that will have sufficient fat for the procedure. Secondly, 210 ccs represents only a modest increase in breast size, around one cup size. More importantly, fat is not an inert substance but rather a collection of living cells that require establishment of a new blood supply in their new location in order to survive. Results of grafting may therefore be variable because a certain amount of the grafted fat will not survive, and this may be hard to predict for any given patient, and potentially necessitate a repeat procedure. Lastly, fat contains a very high percentage of stem cells, and there is concern that these cells may be associated with an increased risk of a breast malignancy at some point down the road.

Dr. Weinberg is a fan of fat grafting as an adjunctive treatment during breast revision surgeries, especially after reconstructive procedures.

Another piece of news in the field of breast augmentation is the development of a Pre-Consultation Breast Implant Kit by Natrelle. These fantastic kits allow patients to try on different size implants in the comfort of their home, so that they can tell their surgeon exactly what they want when they come for their consultation. It comes with implants, a sizing bra and a DVD. Unfortunately it is only available in the US as of now, but we are hoping they will be available in Canada in the near future!

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